Your son deserves to play for a team that is focused on his development on and off the field.


Because the chances of your son playing baseball in college or beyond are slim. Those are the objective facts. And, every baseball career comes to an end at some point, but EVERY player will go on to be an adult.

What kind of husband, father, and community leader will your son be when his playing career is over?

That is the question that Ironmen Baseball cares about most, and that is how we define our success.

And here is the best part of all:

Our program is designed to help every player learn how to play the game of baseball at the highest levels, and learn how to become a person who makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

We can and do pursue excellence on and off the field.

If you are looking for a program that will equip your son to play baseball in college and beyond, AND also develop his character and leadership abilities, then this is the baseball club for you.


Pillar #1 DEVELOP PLAYERS. If we are not developing players as individuals to fulfill their potential as baseball players then we do not deserve to hold the title of Coach. There are universal principles that must be taught to all players. But, those principles must be applied to each player as an individual.

Ironmen Baseball Club DEVELOPS PLAYERS by intensely focusing on two things:

  1. Individualized Training
  2. Earn Everything Mindset

Pillar #2 is WIN GAMES. Baseball games are competitions. Winning is not the enemy, and it’s not wrong to play to win every game. If the score didn’t matter, there would not be a scoreboard. Competition is only a problem when people misunderstand the true nature of competition and have their priorities out of order. Competition, when it’s approached from the right perspective, is incredibly helpful in developing players on and off the field. We will pursue competitive excellence and try to win games… the right way.

We teach our players how to WIN GAMES in two main ways:

  1. Play Together
  2. Trust the System

Pillar #3 is CHANGE LIVES. The true success of a coach is determined by the difference made in the lives of his players. Our responsibility is to coach our players with the purpose of changing their lives for the better.

All Ironmen Baseball coaches complete Coaching With Purpose training. This process helps each coach keep the goal of changing the lives of our players for the better front of mind at all times.

Ironmen Baseball focuses on CHANGING LIVES in two main ways:

  1. IRONCLAD Character Development
  2. Lead From the Front Leadership Training



All individuals players interested in joining our Ironmen Baseball Club must schedule an evaluation with the Ironmen Baseball Coaching Staff.

Evaluations are based on character and ability. Ironmen Baseball fields competitive teams at every age group so talent matters, but character and culture fit matter even more.

Click the link below to see what teams have openings and/or upcoming tryout dates.


Ironmen Baseball Club has an affiliate team program that is open to any team at any age, subject to approval by Matt (Ironmen Baseball Owner).

The Ironmen Baseball Club Affiliate program provides leadership, coaching, and club structure for all affiliate teams. Each affiliate can also structure it’s affiliate package to fit it’s specific needs.

Click the link below to learn more about the affiliate program and/or schedule a call with Matt.