The Ironmen Baseball Affiliate Program is designed to come alongside existing teams that want to become an Ironmen Baseball team for resources, support, structure, and eventual transition into a staff coached club team.

The primary advantage of becoming an Ironmen Baseball Affiliate Team is to keep your current team together while also gaining access to the Ironmen Baseball Program and Staff. Another advantage is that the team fees stay the same (with the exception of the affiliate fee that is determined based on each team’s needs) but the team can still get access to the high level Ironmen Baseball Program resources and coaching.

Our Affiliate team program consists of the following:

  • Access to all Ironmen Baseball resources in all three of the Ironmen Baseball Pillars:
    1. Develop Players
    2. Win Games
    3. Change Lives
  • All players, coaches, and parents must represent the Ironmen Baseball Code of Conduct.
  • The team will wear the Ironmen Baseball uniform (note: the uniform will not change from year to year to help players be able to wear them for multiple years).
  • Matt (Ironmen Baseball Owner) will be available to the coaching staff at any time to help through phone, text, email, creating/providing resources, video analysis, etc. as needed.
  • Team will pay an affiliate fee with the amount to be determined by how much in-person coaching the team would like from Matt and Ironmen Baseball staff coaches. This fee can be tailored to the teams specific needs.

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