The Ironmen Baseball Program includes fall baseball, winter training, and spring/summer baseball. We are huge advocates for young people to play multiple sports and participate in multiple activities. We also know what it takes for each player to truly become the best he is capable of becoming. We respect and appreciate other commitments, therefore we understand that not all players will have complete availability during the baseball offseason. But, we do ask our families to prioritize baseball during baseball season. And, our program offers more than enough training for any player throughout the entire calendar year to maximize his ability and play at the highest level possible.

The details will vary somewhat from team to team, but here is an overview of what the Ironmen Annual Program consists of:

FALL BASEBALL (September – October)

  • Team Practice 1x/week
  • At least 12 games (tournaments, scimmages, league)
  • Exclusively discounted individual/group training

WINTER TRAINING (November – December)

  • Exclusively discounted individual/group training
  • Some teams will have team training

WINTER TRAINING (January – February)

  • Team Practice 1x/week
  • Training focused on getting players ready for upcoming season/tryouts
  • Exclusively discounted individual/group training

SPRING/SUMMER BASEBALL: 14U and Below (March – early July)

  • Team Practice 2x/week
  • Tournaments most weekends
  • League/Scimmage Options
  • Exclusively discounted individual/group training

SPRING/SUMMER BASEBALL: 15-18U (Late May – July)

  • Team Practice 2x/week
  • Tournaments on the weekends (note: some tournaments for older teams will start in the middle of the week)
  • Midweek Game Options
  • Exclusively discounted individual/group training


Character & Leadership Development

Our program is built on the motto, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” To that end, all of our players participate in our IRONCLAD Character Development program. This program consists of themes that are covered weekly that start with developing an IRONCLAD character in each player, and then builds on those themes throughout the year. IRONCLAD character consists of the following characteristics: Integrity, Resilience, Ownership, Noble, Courageous, Loyal, Assertive, Disciplined.

Each player also participates in our Lead From the Front Leadership Training. This training is incorporated into every practice and game. All players are taught how to lead from the front through a variety of discussion, coaching tactics, and leadership development activities.

Private Instruction

All Ironmen Baseball players have the ability to get priority access to Ironmen Baseball Staff for private instruction. Players get exclusively discounted pricing for lessons that cover hitting, catching, infield, outfield, and pitching.

Group Training

Our Ironmen Baseball Staff offers various group training opportunities (camps, clinics, classes) throughout the year. These offerings are open to the public, but Ironmen Baseball players get first access and an exclusive discount.

College Recruiting Consulting

All Ironmen Baseball players who want to play college baseball get to consult with Matt about their college baseball goals. Matt is the former co-founder/owner Best in the US Showcases, one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive showcase companies in the country. For over three years Matt ran events for over 1000 players all over the country. Those events also hosted hundreds of college baseball coaches. Matt’s experience as a player going through a rigorous recruiting process, as a coach guiding hundreds of players through their process, and as a showcase event owner provide him with a unique experience level that can help your family navigate the recruiting process.

This experience will also guide the schedule strategy for each team. Many tournaments are labeled “showcases” but are not actually providing any real exposure. Too many teams are wasting time and money traveling the country for “showcase” tournaments that are not providing any return on their investment. Every team has a schedule strategy that will ensure experience, development, and exposure that actually helps.

College Recruiting Resources

All Ironmen Baseball players who want to play college baseball also get the following recruiting resources:

  • Player Recruiting Page + Videos: Each player will get a personalized recruiting page that will include player profile information, testing/measurables in all position-relevant skills, and recruiting videos. These videos are essential to the recruiting process and are often the first thing that a college coach will ask for.
  • Player Recruiting Workbook: Every player’s goal should not be to just play baseball in college. His goal should be to find the best possible fit for him so that he can thrive in college on and off the field. Our workbook walks every player (and family) through a process that helps each player define what his goals are, what he’s looking for, and how to navigate his recruiting journey based on his unique goals.