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WHAT IS 27:17?

Our 27:17 logo is from our team’s motto that comes from Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Everything we do as a program revolves around striving to make the people around us better, and in turn getting better ourselves from the people around us striving to do the same.


Yes, this is a Christian team in the sense that our staff and many of our families are motivated by the Christian faith and it is founded on the Biblical principle found in Proverbs 27:17: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

No, it is not a “Christian” team in the sense that you have to be a Christian to be on the team.

The only thing we require is that every family buy into our program’s core principles and values. You can read more about our Mission, Vision, and Codes of Conduct by CLICKING HERE.

WHAT ARE THE Player fees?



FALL BALL: Practice 1x/week during the week. 12 games/scrimmages on the weekends.

SPRING/SUMMER BALL: Practice 2x/week during the week. 8-10 tournaments on the weekends (number depends on age of the team and number of guaranteed games per tournament). Some teams will participate in a league.

OFFSEASON: November-December workouts are 2x/week for players who select a package that includes winter workouts.

PRESEASON: January-February workouts are 2x/week. All players on spring/summer teams participate in preseason workouts.


Staff-coached Club Teams are ages 13U-18U.

Affiliate Teams are ages 10U-14U.

Do you have a facility?


how do you manage playing time?

Every player that we invite to the team is good enough to play at their team’s level, therefore every player will play. As a general rule, every player will get at least one start at their primary position during pool play. During bracket play, playing time (especially at their primary position) is earned by the player’s ability to help the team win.

Specifically, playing time is determined by the following order of criteria: 1) Attitude & Effort, 2) Program Commitment, 3) Performance.

  1. Attitude and Effort. These are 100% within the control of every player. If a player has a bad attitude or gives poor effort than their playing time will decrease. Attitude and Effort matter in practice just as much as they do in games, so players have the opportunity to earn/lose playing time every time they come to a practice or a game.

  2. Program Commitment. We support multi-sport athletes, and we understand that there are sometimes unavoidable conflicts, but we ask our families to prioritize baseball first during baseball season. Missing too many games and/or practices can impact playing time. Additionally, commitment (or lack thereof) to our program’s priniciples and codes of conduct will factor into playing time. If we have a situation where our codes of conduct are consistently being ignored or broken then players are subject to being removed from the team.

  3. Performance. As mentioned above, every player is going to get their fair amount of reps, but we don’t promise that playing time will be equal for all players. There is an element of earning your playing time with your performance in our program. Every player gets the opportunity at practice, scrimmages, and during pool play games. Then, the goal is to win during bracket play and the lineups will be made accordingly. We wouldn’t invite a player to a team who couldn’t compete at that team’s level and that means that every player will get a lot of playing time. The players who get the most playing time will be the ones who are performing at the highest levels.